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Plant Room Operator

All duties are performed in a work-safe manner; plant safety rules are followed and individual works as team member.

Azerbaijan - Baku


  • Ensure connection, maintenance, and repair of technical equipment as required
  • In addition to the boiler room, there are heaters, pumps, water tanks and filters, as well as electrical panels
  • to ensure normal operation and general supervision
  • To properly register the dimensions and parameters of the devices in the registration form
  • To ensure that all mechanisms work in a safe and sound condition
  • Ensuring that water, air and fuel are in the required quantity, volume and size inside the tanks
  • To ensure the registration of the results of water tests (TDS/PH) conducted
  • To control the ventilation system devices, to ensure their normal operation and to carry out general control
  • Checking the water and fuel level of the generators daily and making sure there is no danger
  • To provide preventive maintenance of mechanisms according to the schedule set by the department
  • Inform your immediate supervisor about any emergency/problem that will arise and take preventive measures
  • Provide necessary support to the engineering team and participate in trainings as required


  • At least 2 years of work experience in the mentioned position
  • Higher or Secondary Technical education in the field of engineering
  • A valid diploma and/or certificate in the relevant field
  • Knowing the basics of technical safety and labor protection
  • Work in different shifts and on a flexible schedule
  • Highly communicative and flexible, sensitive to details, and accurate
  • Written and oral communication skills in Azerbaijani (English is desirable)


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