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What is "Addımla"?

The "Addımla" program by Absheron Hotel Group is a testament to our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This initiative aims to unlock hidden potential in various regions of Azerbaijan, addressing the challenges of an underutilized talent pool and limited interest in hospitality careers. By offering comprehensive training, internships, and job placement, "Addımla!" aspires to transform individuals' lives while fueling the growth of the hospitality industry. Through education, mentorship, and opportunities, we're creating a brighter, more inclusive future for both aspiring professionals and the communities they serve.

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Because potential knows no boundaries. Because passion deserves a chance. Because the hospitality industry is more than meets the eye. "Addımla!" is our answer to untapped brilliance, our commitment to fostering opportunities, and our way of transforming careers into dreams realized. With "Addımla!" we're not just stepping up; we're stepping forward into a future brimming with talent, promise, and boundless growth.

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Ever wondered how we turn dreams into reality? "Addımla!" is the answer! Picture dynamic partnerships weaving a tapestry of growth, tailor-made training unlocking talents, and unyielding support fueling ambitions. Imagine lives transformed, passions ignited, and aspirations soaring. "Addımla!" isn't just a program; it's a voyage of turning potential into possibilities, carving success stories, and shaping tomorrow's leaders. Jump aboard this exhilarating journey of empowerment, because with "Addımla!" the "how" is where the magic truly happens!

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